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Past Rev honorees include:

Not yet a CEO or founder.‍‍‍...except in rare cases.

Nice people who pay it forward.

A+ players with formidable skills.

VP or Director level

Extremely talented

Great personality

What makes a woman Rev quality?

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Attendees gave Rev an NPS of 100. They said:

‍‍‍“It was incredible to meet such accomplished women, many of whom were far outside of my own network.”

“It was amazing. I'm honored to have been part of it.”

“Really really well designed and I met amazing people.”

“I loved the spread of careers and ages. I found I could learn all the way up the spectrum.”

CTOs, VPs of marketing, angel investors, chief strategy officers, big data experts, VPs of sales, technical product managers, and more.

Rev honors the top 20‍‍‍ female VPs and Directors in Boston tech.

Part award, part event, Rev connects honorees at an intimate retreat & brings them resources and expert speakers tailored to them.

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Rev was founded by Sarah A. Downey and Diane Hessan and is powered by Accomplice.

Read more about Rev 1, Rev 2, and R‍‍‍ev 3 (the latest)

Rev 1:

‍‍‍Rev 2:

‍‍‍Re‍‍‍v 3: